The WEEE  Representative in Italy

WEEE 2 regulations and legislation on waste batteries and accumulators: obligations imposed on Producers who introduce EEE, Batteries and accumulators in countries other than those in which they are established.  

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The WEEE 2 regulations (Directive 2012/19/EU; Legislative Decree 49/2014) take specifically into account the case of Producers based abroad who introduce EEE into the Italian market. The aim pursued is that of implementing also in this case the extended liability of the Producer, regardless of whether it is based in Italy or abroad. In Italy, in particular, we have a peculiar legislation, pre-existent to the implementation of the WEEE 2 Directive, which in addition to setting out specific obligations for Producers established in another EU Member State, extends to Producers established in a third Country (outside the EU) the possibility to be responsible for EEE sold to a trade intermediary established on the Italian territory.   

Also in the case of waste batteries and accumulators there are regulations (D. Lgs. 188/2008; Directive 2013/56/EU) that govern the obligations for Producers established in another Member State who place batteries and accumulators (loose or incorporated in EEE) on the Italian market.