Who is the waste Batterie Representative in Italy

Regulations on waste Batteries and Accumulators: obligations on Producers who introduce batteries & accumulators in countries other than those in which they are established

It should be noted that in accordance with Directive 2013/56/EU, aimed at clarifying the previous regulations, “Producers of batteries and accumulators shall only need to register once in the Member State where they place batteries and accumulators for the first time on a professional basis…. ” (Directive 2013/56/EU, Annex IV).

Given the above, the Italian legislation (D. Lgs. 188/2008, Annex III) states that the Producer established in another Member State or in a third Country (without any distinction in this respect) “…., shall register in the National WEEE Register through a representative in Italy responsible for fulfilling the obligations” set out by the legislation in question, which implemented in Italy the Directive 2006/66/EC on waste batteries and accumulators.

Eco Legal Counsel currently acts as the Waste Batteries Representative in Italy for producers established in another Member State or in a third Country .

To support Foreign Producers interested in fulfilling the  WEEE and Waste batteries regulations  Eco Legal Counsel     set a partnership with ERION Energy , a leading  Italian Collective Scheme (https://erionenergy.it/en/services-for-producers/regulatory-and-operational-support/ )  .

ERION Energy  is a leading Italian consortium , belonging to the ERION multi-consortium group ,  that handles end-of-life batteries and accumulators.

ERION Energy directly or through Eco legal Counsel represents the firms shouldering the legal duties relating to batteries and accumulators  and it gives form to the environmental commitment of over 1100 members – firms that produce consumer electronic equipment, small and large electrical domestic appliances, computer and telecommunications equipment, air-conditioning apparatus, toys, medical and monitoring and control devices, musical instruments, batteries and accumulators.