Partnership with ERION

In order to support foreign producers interested in fulfilling the WEEE and Waste batteries regulations, Eco Legal Counsel has established a partnership with ERION WEEE , the largest Italian Collective Scheme for the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ( WEEE )  ( ) , with ERION Energy , a leading  consortium dealing with the management of end-of-life batteries and accumulators. ( ) and with ERION Professional , a highly  qualified consortium dealing with management of waste of end-of-life B2B electronic equipment   ( ) 

ERION WEEE , ERION Professional and ERION Energy , form the ERION multi-consortium group; they, either directly or through Eco Legal Counsel, represent companies required to comply with the legal obligations concerning WEEE, waste batteries and accumulators. ERION results showcase the environmental commitment of some  2.200  members – namely, companies producing consumer electronic equipment, small and large electrical household appliances, computer and telecommunications equipment, air-conditioning apparatus, toys, medical and monitoring and control devices, musical instruments ; as regards ERION Energy ,this consortium holds over 1.100 members , producing  batteries and accumulators.

In addition, many companies which make use of such equipment have turned to Remedia for the management of their electrical and electronic waste.

For all product categories specified in the WEEE legislation (Legislative Decree No. 49/2014) for both household WEEE (B2C) and non-household WEEE (B2B) and in the legislation on batteries (Legislative Decree No. 188/2008), ERION , by way of ERION WEEE,  ERION Professional and ERION Energy , ensures and guarantees transport and treatment services in accordance with a top-level operating model (VRS ®) based on the Consortia’s integrated quality and environment system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).

Thanks to the partnership between ERION and Eco Legal Counsel, foreign producers can join ERION  and – with the payment of the pertinent fees to the relevant ERION consortium  to which they belong  – also benefit of the representation, advice and assistance services provided by Eco Legal Counsel without being required to pay any additional fees to the latter .