The Packaging Representative in Italy

Directive 1994/62/EC – 2004/12/EC on packaging and packaging waste and subsequent amendments   ( “ Packaging directive “ ) was implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree 03.04.2006 No. 152 and subsequent amendments ( hereinafter referred to as “ D.Lgs 152/06 “ ) .

According to art. 224 of D.Lgs 152/06 , importers of packaging or packaged goods having offices in Italy must join a consortium – practically speaking to date there exists only one of them named Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi or “ CONAI “ with offices at  Milan , Italy    to be entrusted by law with collection , recovery and management of packaging waste and paying CONAI relevant contributory fees .

Pursuant to art. 2.4. of ” Guida Conai “ ( the CONAI regulation ) , importers of either packaging or packaged goods having no legal offices in Italy and wishing to substitute for their Italian accounts , may appoint a packaging waste representative in Italy and domicile at his office to join CONAI and paying the said relevant contributory fees .

Eco Legal Counsel actually acts as the waste packaging representative with CONAI for producers having no legal offices or permanent establishment in Italy which export into Italy packaged goods and place them on the Italian market .